About Forto

The world of Swiss banking is an exclusive circle. We believe it is time for a change.

Whether you're a Swiss startup or an established company abroad – opening a business bank account in Switzerland may require lengthy legal procedures. Most banks will block clients from challenging compliance environments, unless they bring significant capital.

Forto joined forces with experts from law, banking and tech, to democratise access to Swiss banking. Our approach doesn't look at regulation as a burden, but embraces compliance as the core of our business. The result is a digital bank, that is built to give every SME a fair chance when applying for a Swiss bank account.

Banking recoded

Trust is good – data is better. Forto is running on an intelligent algorithm, that guides prospective clients through an adaptive set of questions. Our online application process gathers deep customer insights about the identity, the nature of the business and the source of funds. This gives Forto a granular customer profile and precise compliance risk assesment for each applicant. What is usually an iterative undertaking over weeks, is now delivered in a fast and fully digital way. Our clients benefit from an unbiased review of their case and instant feedback regarding eligibility, before having to submit any paperwork for final validation.



We mapped out most SME scenarios and translated Swiss banking regulation into code.



Our smart algorithm guides prospective clients through the entire process, to collect all relevant customer data.



Precise client profiles enable immediate assessment of eligibility and decision making.

Let's talk business.

Forto aims to transform compliance and banking for SMEs. We're interested in connecting with investors and partners, who would like to support our vision.

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